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    25 november 2005 om 09:35

    BSAC expert lost on deep rebreather dive

    Penny Glover, one of the British Sub-Aqua Club’s most highly qualified instructors and divers, is feared lost together with her diving buddy after failing to surface from a dive in the South of France.

    According to French media, Glover and Jacques Filippi, a Frenchman living in Holland, were part of a group trimix-diving the 80m-deep Caramel Reef, off the island of Porquerolles.

    It was reported that Glover’s surface marker buoy surfaced, but that divers who descended down its 50m-long line found nothing.

    The French Coastguard searched to nightfall on Monday, after which searches were set back by bad weather and were called off on Wednesday.

    Glover, 42, was a respected technical diver and became a leading exponent of rebreather diving within BSAC. As the club’s rebreather chief instructor and instructor trainer, she was instrumental in developing BSAC’s first rebreather training scheme. Her enthusiasm for rebreather diving led her to instruct for other diving organisations.

    Glover took up diving 20 years ago while at Bradford University. Her passion for rebreathers apart, she was one of BSAC’s most highly qualified divers and instructors, holding the club’s First Class Diver, National Instructor and Instructor Trainer qualifications.

    She served as BSAC’s Regional Coach for Northern Europe, and sat for many years on the governing BSAC Council. Glover mixed her major commitments to the club with a high-powered career, working as a technical specialist at the European Space Agency and, later, as MD of a Canadian-based satellites company.

    BSAC has paid tribute to Glover’s “unconditional generosity, enthusiasm and energy for diving”. Clare Peddie, BSAC National Diving Officer, said: “This is an extremely sad loss for all of us who have been privileged to know Penny, her warmth and kindness will be so deeply missed.

    “Penny was a leading light in the BSAC and she was highly regarded throughout the whole diving community. My thoughts are with all the friends and families of both divers.”

    Glover spent a lot of time in France and had a base near Hyeres, not far from where she made her final dive.

    Those who knew Penny Glover have an opportunity to sign a book of condolence, which will be passed to her family.

    The book will sit from 28 November to 2 December at BSAC’s HQ at Telford’s Quay, South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

    That evening the book will travel to London where, throughout 3 December, it will be in the downstairs foyer off the main hall of the Institute of Education, London University, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1, where the BSAC holds its annual Diving Officers’ Conference.

  • Jozef

    25 november 2005 om 11:37

    Helaas, zal er niet geraken om het rouwboek te tekenen…

    Kende haar professioneel.Quite a lass…

    So long Penny, zullen je heerlijke engelse accent missen in de meetings.

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